Using the print statement in Python can be very expensive!

Perhaps this is kind of obvious, but I only realized this today. When I'm hacking on a piece of code containing a large for-loop in some algorithm, I'm often printing the current iteration to the console to keep a tab on the progress.

Consider this trivial example:

j = 0
for i in xrange(4096**2):
    j += i
    print i

This outputs a fast scrolling list of integers so I can keep track of progress, but this results in the following running time on the console:

$ time python

real    11m5.059s
user    1m16.077s
sys     1m8.568s

Running the same code without the print statement takes a lot less time:

$ time python

real    0m13.585s
user    0m13.569s
sys     0m0.008s

It's not because of the performance of the print statement, but the ability of the console to process all that output.

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